Weather & Temperature Guidelines

Closing Criteria

  • Temperature below 75 degrees
  • Inclement weather: rain, thunder, lightening
  • Severe weather

The outside air temperature must be at least 75 degrees before opening.

Under Management’s direction Long Branch Lagoon will be cleared immediately at the first sign of lightning or if lightning is within 10 miles of the waterpark. At that point a 30-minute wait will begin. For each sound of thunder or sign of lightning, there will be a 30-minute wait. After the 30 minute wait, if there is no further lightning or thunder, the pool will open; otherwise the pool will close for the duration of the storm, opening at a later time if weather improves.

On Sundays at Long Branch Lagoon if the weather does not permit opening by 3:00 PM the waterpark will be closed until the following day.